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Agile Mastery: Coaching and Training Solutions

Our Agile Mastery Coaches and Executive Leadership Coaching experts empower leaders and teams to develop a robust Agile Transformation Strategy complete with clearly defined goals for achieving unparalleled Business Agility.

This strategic alignment cultivates an environment of shared purpose and ownership, not just among the clients but across the entire organisation. Teams become intrinsically motivated and curious to implement Agile Ways of Working, setting the stage for effective Agile Delivery Methods.

The resulting culture of continuous improvement is self-sustaining, encouraging individuals to continuously seek new knowledge, experiment, and extract valuable insights from both successes and setbacks. This Agile mindset serves as the bedrock for self-sustained growth and adaptive resilience in an ever-changing competitive arena.


If you need agile in your enterprise, either adopting first time or improving current practices Giles is your ‘go to’ person. 


—  Nick Cox, Head of Transformation at AltHAN

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Our Coaching Approach

Leaders in organisations architect strategies and objectives to fuel Business Agility, aiming for enterprise-wide alignment. We specialise in Executive Leadership Coaching & Mentoring to guide leaders in not only crystallising these strategies but also communicating them with precision to both clientele and internal teams. Effective communication cultivates a unified, purpose-driven culture, optimising Agile Ways of Working.

We further assist leadership in regularly revisiting these strategies and objectives, encouraging Agile Leadership Development through data-driven adjustments. Our Agile Mastery: Coaching and Training Solutions help define success metrics that offer a clear indication of goal attainment, promoting a test-and-learn methodology that augments client value delivery.

For effective goal realisation, it's imperative for leaders, teams, and clients to engage in continuous learning and adaptation. Through our Agile Transformation Consultancy Services, we facilitate this evolutionary process, fostering a growth mindset that emboldens teams to embrace change and experiment with new Agile Delivery Methods.

We conduct Agile Facilitation & Collaboration Training through workshops, one-on-ones, and team sessions, covering Agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile. Our training extends to encompass a holistic view via systems thinking, design thinking, DevOps, Agile portfolio management, and value stream mapping. We provide end-to-end coaching and mentoring across diverse departments, including but not limited to, HR, Marketing, Support, and Finance.

Recognising that each organisation has its unique operational DNA, we guide teams of varying experience levels to experiment and gauge outcomes. This measured approach identifies the most efficacious Agile Ways of Working, ensuring tailored improvements and elevated performance.

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What you will receive


True business agility across the whole organisation.


Clear value streams, goals and measures of success that are valued and aspired to by all.


Data driven, test-and-learn, experimental approach resulting in continuous improvement.


Inquisitive teams with a growth mindset who challenge the status quo.

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Why Choose Us

We have helped with the evolution of agile environments at many different organisations. We know that there is no single way of working that suits every organisation. We listen to, and work with, all levels of the organisation. We train in many different ways of working and coach our clients to choose which one(s) they think will help them, and the rest of the organisation, improve. We coach and mentor clients to help set hypotheses for experiments and measures of success. Our aim is that the organisation learns to evolve, adapt and continuously improve independently and no longer needs external agile coaches.

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