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Working Together

Leadership Coaching

Our Agile and Leadership coaches help leaders and teams achieve excellence in their organisation. We help leaders generate insights, perspectives and strategies essential to success. Clients grow as leaders, becoming more courageous and open to diverse thinking. We create an environment where clients identify their assumptions and discover those which are untrue and limiting. All this is achieved by clients producing high quality, independent thinking in the thinking environment we create.


If you need agile in your enterprise, either adopting first time or improving current practices Giles is your ‘go to’ person. 


—  Nick Cox, Head of Transformation at AltHAN

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Our Coaching Approach

Leaders create and evolve clear organisational goals and product strategies that are understood, and aspired to, by all in the organisation. This responsibility creates the need for a place where leaders can think through, reflect on and evolve their ideas. Understanding the demands and time pressures of a leadership role, we help achieve this effectively and efficiently.

We create a thinking environment where leaders are at ease in a quiet, calm and focused space. Here they have time to think deeply and constructively. They probe parts of their brain that they rarely use. Leaders not only generate insights, perspectives and strategies, they also find solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. We help leaders identify and question the assumptions that they are making. Identifying untrue assumptions removes false beliefs that are limiting leaders from achieving their goals. We help leaders get where they want to go by listening to them, paying them our full attention and asking incisive questions which ignite their thoughts.

In our experience, this coaching approach has led to the C-Suite creating effective Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) which have then been shared across the organisation. Having a clear, unified purpose and direction has led to teams feeling more included within the organisation. As a result of this, teams have taken more responsibility for their part in achieving these OKRs with a resulting increase in innovation, as they become more self-organised. We work closely with the C-Suite to help them enable the teams to deliver, and move toward, a high performing state, moving from a command and control structure to a servant leadership.

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What you will receive


Clear, evolving strategy that unites and motivates the organisation on the road to success.


Solutions to complex, seemingly insolvable, challenges.


Growth of leaders who become more courageous and open to diverse ideas.


Better relationships between leaders, clients and teams which helps the organisation thrive.


Why Choose Us

We have coached the C-Suite, leaders and teams across many organisations and have worked in different roles in the software industry including executive roles. This means we have similar backgrounds to the leaders that we are coaching. We understand the challenges and opportunities that they face. By understanding the complexity of the issues they deal with, we know that they need to think deeply while also being time efficient. By creating this thinking environment, they find insights, perspectives and strategies to provide resolution to the challenges they face.

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