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Ian Mulvany – CTO at British Medical Journal:

We engaged Giles to help us coach some long-running teams on how to use agile principles to improve communication and throughput. Over a period of time, some antipatterns had taken root, and we realised that an external view would be helpful.


After speaking to about four agencies, we picked Agile Delta Consulting, as Giles had a really good understanding of the problems we were describing, as well as a deep sympathy for how to help coach teams in a team-first way. 


He worked with great commitment and really understood our mission and the purpose behind our teams. He improved process, communication and trust, helped the teams become more autonomous and enabled them to take more control of their work. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Giles' services.

Brian Proffitt – PE Technology Partner:

As Chief Technology Officer in Tungsten and a Partner in one of their leading investors, I hired Giles personally as a Senior Technology Director to turn around one of the lowest-performing organisations I’d ever encountered.

Giles delivered in spades! Major project deliveries increased from 12 in the year prior to his arrival to 120 in his first year. Major projects included launches into new regions (e.g. India), new products, new lines of business and key customers (e.g. Apple).

He also introduced new engineering processes and disciplines (Disciplined Agile) and recruited, coached and motivated team members across the globe.

I have run 50 to 100 technology teams in my career, and I can say unequivocally that Giles is unmatched in his capabilities.

Fletcher Young - Managing Director of P2P Marketplaces at Digital Ventures:

In my role as Managing Director of P2P Marketplaces at Digital Ventures (Services Limited), I was responsible for hiring Giles into his role as CTO, where he reported to me.

Giles brought much-needed structure and rigour to our development teams. He evolved our ways of working with a focus on efficiency and accountability. Giles quickly diagnosed issues with role definitions in our development teams and, in treating these issues, enabled the technology team to work harmoniously and efficiently.

The impact of his efforts was objectively measurable via the improvements in the technology team's Peakon (engagement) scores and the associated employee feedback. Giles would be an asset to any organisation that is seeking to adopt best practices within its technology team.

Nick Cox – Programme Director at Arqiva:

If you need agile in your enterprise, either adopting first time or improving current practices, Giles is your ‘go-to’ person.


He has an incredible list of achievements in the technology and agile space, from qualifications to pure on-the-ground experience.


My time working with him was one of those times in your career when you realise that you never stop learning and meeting people whom you admire.


His enthusiasm and drive to deliver success are infectious, and having him within your organisation, will warp speed you into the software delivery world.

Stuart Walker - Head of Product Management at Oxygen8 Group:

If you want Agile and you want it good, you want Giles!

It really is as simple as that, Giles is your consummate Agile Technology Director, technically astute and adaptable, both technically and commercially, a great interface in to the development team and able to work effectively across linked projects to deliver outstanding results.

Giles and I worked together as peers to successfully deliver the MyRegus Web, Mobile Web and Mobile App solution at Regus,  where Giles was instrumental in ensuring the technical understanding and delivery of the project ran as smoothly as possible in what was a very demanding environment.

Giles is good, actually, he's better than good; he's your 'Agile Saviour!' and he really does get the importance of great development and planning being key to the delivery of awesome solutions.

Mike Barbarelli – Full Stack Developer at PointCare:

While working on one of Giles' teams as a developer, he taught me lessons about Agile that have stuck with me throughout my career. In a way, his technology leadership and his approach to Agile spoiled me because I have not seen it practised nearly as well anywhere else.


A few years after working with Giles, I left London to live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. And even here, with tech leaders abound, very few approach the same high standard that Giles does.


I often daydream about poaching one of the UK's best tech leaders by luring him here to Silicon Valley.

Paul Cassonova Delivery Coach at Iress:

I've loved working with Anneke, and she clearly possesses a depth of experience in facilitation, coaching and mentoring skills and techniques in a product environment. What is most remarkable about this, however, is that these talents are seamlessly integrated with her outstanding character.

Skills and techniques can be acquired and practised, but the integrity and character that Anneke possesses are innate and rarely encountered.

If you're looking for a facilitator or coach who can bring the best out of others and help them aspire to amazing things, Anneke is the right fit for you.

Rebecca Timmins – Operations Director at Emery Little:


Anneke ran a fantastic training session for a small group of our team, focused on transforming meetings using Thinking Environment principles.

What Anneke delivered was a really well-put-together, thought-provoking, interactive day. Very practical and focused on developing and practising our skills.

We have already started to apply what we learned with great success. I would highly recommend Anneke, and the Time to Think principles. I can see how this training will help us to improve team interactions, efficiency and outcomes of meetings. As well as our ability to really listen to each other and encourage the very best ideas to emerge.

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