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About Us

Unlock Business Agility for Unparalleled
Competitive Advantage

Agile Delta Consulting Limited is an award-winning professional services organisation specialising in Business Agility and Leadership Coaching, along with Fractional CTO, CIO, and Interim Technology Leadership Services. Our unique offerings encompass Agile Mastery: coaching and Training Solutions, Agile and Digital Transformation Services, Executive Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, and Agile Facilitation and Collaboration Training. We empower individuals, teams, and organisations to achieve unparalleled Business Agility through better Ways of Working, steering them to evolve, integrate, and excel in an ever-changing competitive environment.

Our Core Beliefs

Organisations are systems with many different parts. Each part must not only perform well as a unit but must also integrate smoothly with the rest of the system. We believe that all the people in the organisation want it, and its clients to succeed. By developing trust and supporting teams, using servant leadership, we believe that everyone in the organisation will work together as one team to achieve a successful business outcome.  

By reducing bureaucracy and command and control management, we believe that everyone will take responsibility for achieving the organisation’s goals. Our tailored blend of training, coaching and mentoring gives people the opportunity to learn and develop, making the organisation and its clients successful.

What We Do

We listen. 

We put people first as they are the primary determinants of success in the evolution of agile and to becoming a leading organisation. We help the entire organisation adopt an enterprise-wide, product-centred focus and agree on methods, goals and cultural values. We help you build the environment and ways of working for you to succeed.

We use our real-world experiences of introducing the agile mindset to different organisations and our learnings from the successes and failures of our experiments to tailor our approach.  All this helps you transition to a place where your organisation delights its clients.

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Giles Lindsay

Giles Lindsay is a technology executive, business agility coach, and CEO of Agile Delta Consulting Limited. Giles has a track record in driving digital transformation and technological leadership. He has adeptly scaled high-performing delivery teams across various industries, from nimble startups to leading enterprises. His roles, from CTO or CIO to visionary change agent, have always centred on defining overarching technology strategies and aligning them with organisational objectives.

Giles is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI), the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (FBCS), and The Institution of Analysts & Programmers (FIAP). His leadership across the UK and global technology companies has consistently fostered innovation, growth, and adept stakeholder management. With a unique ability to demystify intricate technical concepts, he’s enabled better ways of working across organisations.

Giles’ commitment extends to the literary realm with his book: “Clearly Agile: A Leadership Guide to Business Agility”. This comprehensive guide focuses on embracing Agile principles to effect transformative change in organisations. An ardent advocate for continuous improvement and innovation, Giles is unwaveringly dedicated to creating a business world that prioritises value, inclusivity, and societal advancement.

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Anneke Panman


Anneke is driven by creating an environment where agility, innovation, effectiveness, and continuous improvement flourish. Having qualified in facilitation and coaching with Time To Think, she gets her reward by creating an environment where people challenge the status quo, shift mindsets, and create opportunities. We’re all recruited for our skills, talent, and knowledge, and Anneke enjoys helping unleash these skills.

With 18 years of experience in the software industry, Anneke helps establish a shared understanding of the agile mindset, agile methodologies, flow and system thinking across the business. She is continually exploring and experimenting with new ways of working and ways of being to keep improvement happening.

With a Ph.D. in radiation physics, Anneke has a real interest in data. She helps teams collect data effectively and then helps leaders across the business understand this data, use it to measure the success of experiments and improve how work gets done. Anneke is known to be reflective. She steps back, assesses situations and uses new learnings to help businesses change and increase their effectiveness.

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