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Agile Consultancy

Our Agile consultants work with organisations to resolve problems and achieve opportunities. We collaborate with leaders to identify what successful outcomes look like. We define measures of success for the organisation and teams to work towards with us. 
We run health checks to measure the state of the system. Using our wealth of experience we advise changes to the existing ways of working, culture and tooling to achieve the objectives. We design training programs to educate teams and help them change. Following training we can coach and mentor during the evolution that follows as everyone works towards achieving the outcomes. 


If you need agile in your enterprise, either adopting first time or improving current practices Giles is your ‘go to’ person. 


—  Nick Cox, Head of Transformation at AltHAN

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Our Consultancy Approach

We use our knowledge and experience of the evolution of businesses, in the agile mindset and lean thinking, to help organisations achieve their outcomes. We enable this in many different ways. We train teams of varying experience in the agile mindset, lean thinking and ways of working. We work with the leadership to identify the outcomes that they would like to accomplish. For any of these outcomes we work with the leadership to define how we measure success. 

Based on this definition of success, we examine the state, maturity and health of the organisation. This can have many different elements. One is value stream mapping, where we visualise queues in the delivery pipeline and the time taken for work to be deployed to, and used  by, clients. We also assess quality by measuring the number of high severity errors on deployment of new products and upgrades, the time taken to deploy solutions to critical errors and the proportion of value work carried out compared to waste work. 

As well as quantified data, we use qualitative information gathered from listening to people in different parts of the organisation. We have experience of working closely with teams to understand their day to day pressures and challenges. At times we have found high-pressure environments with a blame culture. These cultures profoundly affect the motivation of teams and leaders. In our experience, creating safe spaces in which to share, collaborate and build frameworks leads to a foundation in which teams and individuals grow. 

We analyse all our data to understand the state of the system and recommend changes tailored to the organisation. The types of changes we typically recommend are adjustments to the ways of working, tools, organisational dynamics and culture. We propose short, quick, incremental changes in the journey to achieving successful outcomes. Using an iterative approach allows us the flexibility to measure success continually and change direction if needed.


What you will receive


Visibility on the current state and health of the organisation.


Clearly-defined outcomes with measures of success.


Recommendations that have an incremental approach, so progress can be measured and the next steps altered if needed.


Continued evolution towards the agile mindset and lean thinking.


Why Choose Us

Where we differ from others is that we acknowledge the complexity of organisations. We have experienced that rapid, incremental changes to the system succeed more often than large, radical innovation. We have deep knowledge of the agile mindset and lean thinking but we know that this is only a part of the picture. The organisation’s working environment and relationships between teams and departments can impose significant constraints on reaching outcomes. Our health metrics indicate where issues lie so we can assess which element most needs to change to achieve success. For us, there is no greater pleasure than watching people evolve, grow and carve out their own pathways to learning and improvement while they achieve their organisation’s outcomes.

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