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Agile Transformation Consultancy Services

Our Agile Transformation Consultancy Services engage with organisations to tackle challenges and seize opportunities. We partner with technology leaders to delineate what Business Agility success looks like, establishing clear Agile Ways of Working as metrics for both the organisation and teams to aim for.

We conduct Agile health checks to assess the current state of your Agile delivery methods and overall system. Leveraging our extensive experience, we recommend strategic adjustments to your existing Ways of Working, organisational culture, and technological tooling to meet your objectives.

Our Agile Mastery: Coaching and Training Solutions are designed to uplift your teams, featuring customised Agile Leadership Training programs. Post-training, our Executive Leadership Coaching & Mentoring services support the transformative journey as everyone progresses towards realising the defined outcomes.


If you need agile in your enterprise, either adopting first time or improving current practices Giles is your ‘go to’ person. 


—  Nick Cox, Head of Transformation at AltHAN

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Our Consultancy Approach

We leverage our extensive expertise in Business Agility Coaching and Technology Leadership to guide organisations towards achieving targeted outcomes. Our Agile Mastery: Coaching and Training Solutions equip teams across experience levels with the Agile mindset, Lean thinking, and Agile Ways of Working. We collaborate with leadership to crystallise their desired outcomes, defining robust metrics to measure success.

To comprehend the organisation's current state, maturity, and operational health, we deploy a multifaceted assessment approach. This includes value stream mapping to optimise Agile Delivery Methods, pinpointing bottlenecks in the delivery pipeline and assessing time-to-value. We also scrutinise quality metrics, such as the rate of high-severity errors during product deployment and the ratio of value-added activities to wasteful tasks.

Beyond quantitative metrics, we utilise qualitative insights gathered from diverse organisational tiers. Our Executive Leadership Coaching & Mentoring expertise allows us to delve deep into team dynamics, pressures, and cultural barriers. We often encounter high-stress, blame-centric environments that sabotage team morale and leadership efficacy. To remedy this, we foster safe, collaborative spaces, forming the bedrock for Agile Leadership Development.

Our analysis integrates all data to tailor Agile Transformation Strategy recommendations. Typical adjustments focus on Agile Ways of Working, technological toolsets, organisational dynamics, and cultural transformation. Our approach is rooted in making short, agile, incremental changes, offering the flexibility to continuously measure success and pivot when necessary


What you will receive


Visibility on the current state and health of the organisation.


Clearly-defined outcomes with measures of success.


Recommendations that have an incremental approach, so progress can be measured and the next steps altered if needed.


Continued evolution towards the agile mindset and lean thinking.

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Why Choose Us

Where we differ from others is that we acknowledge the complexity of organisations. We have experienced that rapid, incremental changes to the system succeed more often than large, radical innovation. We have deep knowledge of the agile mindset and lean thinking but we know that this is only a part of the picture. The organisation’s working environment and relationships between teams and departments can impose significant constraints on reaching outcomes. Our health metrics indicate where issues lie so we can assess which element most needs to change to achieve success. For us, there is no greater pleasure than watching people evolve, grow and carve out their own pathways to learning and improvement while they achieve their organisation’s outcomes.

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