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Foundation Course

Create a space where innovation, well-being and individuality flourish

Course Overview

Learn and practice creating Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, a space where innovation and individuality flourish.

Our Time To Think Foundation Course will empower you to foster a psychologically safe environment that encourages people to think well for themselves and unlocks their full potential. 

This Foundation Course includes the Transforming Meetings course and learning to give engaging presentations, conduct good interviews, ask Incisive Questions about untrue assumptions and take the first steps towards Time To Think coaching.

The quality of everything we do, every action we take, every decision we make depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. On this Foundation Course you will explore and practise the behaviours that generate a Thinking Environment that results in high-quality independent thinking. Thinking with creativity, courage and rigour.

In life, we make assumptions. Often, these assumptions are untrue and hold us back. You’ll learn to identify these untrue assumptions and craft incisive questions that replace them with empowering and liberating truth, opening doors to new opportunities and possibilities you thought were out of reach.

With all these skills, you’ll learn to facilitate meetings where everyone contributes, ideas and innovation flow, impactful decisions are made, and you leave feeling inspired and motivated to take the next steps.

Key Learnings

  • The components that ignite exceptional thinking.

  • Practical techniques to facilitate inspiring one-to-one meetings: Thinking Pairs, Dialogue, Rounds and Open Discussion.

  • Question-driven, transformational facilitation in a Thinking Environment.

  • Problem-solving using the experiences of your colleagues in a Time To Think Council.

  • Presentation techniques to engage the audience and stimulate ideas.

  • Generation of incisive questions to remove untrue assumptions and replace them with true, liberating thoughts, ideas and approaches.

  • You will also observe a Thinking Partnership and watch it ignite independent thinking.

Who Should Attend?

  • Team leaders, HR and anyone looking to enhance team dynamics.

  • Novice and experienced facilitators wanting to refine their skills.

  • Parents, teachers and team coaches interested in nurturing independent thinking and creativity.


“There aren’t many coaches, these days, that can teach me something new in the Agile scene – Anneke did! Time to Think changed the way I run my retrospectives and facilitate some of my meetings.”
Guy Geron – Principle coach

“This is an essential tool in one’s people development toolkit that is truly transformational -facilitated by an experienced and inspiring facilitator – highly recommended.”
Shelley Coleman – Director

What qualification do I get with this course?

Upon completing this course, you’ll qualify to take the Time To Think Facilitation Course, where you can deepen your expertise in this transformative approach.

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Interactive. You will practice all the techniques and behaviours that you learn. You’re encouraged to ask questions during the course.


2 days


Face-to-face (London area) or Online


Minimum 2

Maximum 8 in-person / 6 online

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£645 + VAT
(Get in touch to discuss discounts for group bookings)

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Create a space where innovation, well-being and individuality flourish

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