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Facilitation Training

Creating a Thinking Environment

What is a Thinking Environment?

"The quality of everything we do, every action we take, every decision we make, depends on the quality of the thinking we do first."

 - Nancy Kline

A Thinking Environment is a safe space where every person thinks well with creativity, rigour and courage.

The Benefits of Time To Think

Transform Your Meetings

​Meetings are often time-pressed and poorly facilitated, making them an ineffective use of time. A Thinking Environment generates effective meetings where both introverts and extroverts can think without interruption and with encouragement to explore new depths of thinking.

Explore Deep Thinking

​It is rare to take the time to think independently, to reflect on past experiences and current events, and to identify questions that need answering. The Thinking Environment is an opportunity to explore deeper levels of thinking.

Improve Decision-Making

By absorbing all the relevant facts, a Thinking Environment improves the quality of decision-making. This is not just about data, it’s about identifying and questioning our untrue assumptions that otherwise cloud decisions.


​A Thinking Environment fosters strong connections and trust by creating an environment where everybody is valued and listened to. A place where people think and respond to each other in challenging situations rather than reacting impulsively.


Facilitation Training

Transforming Meetings is an interactive one-day course where you will learn and practice techniques and behaviours to transform your meetings into effective and motivational Thinking Environments. Meetings where independent thinking, innovation and collaboration flourish even in challenging circumstances. Learn to make meetings valuable.

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