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Facilitation Training

Optimised meetings are a crucible for innovation, creativity, and problem-solving, which are key tenets of Business Agility. They also foster motivation and a robust commitment to actioning well-crafted decisions. Central to this effectiveness is expert facilitation, an essential skill that unlocks the untapped capabilities of participants.

All our Agile Facilitation & Collaboration Training is grounded in Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment principles. We engineer an environment where individuals excel in independent thinking while displaying a keen interest in the ideas of others.


This is realised through simple yet strategic techniques and behavioural shifts, all of which are not merely taught but also practised extensively during the training course.


If you need agile in your enterprise, either adopting first time or improving current practices Giles is your ‘go to’ person. 


—  Nick Cox, Head of Transformation at AltHAN

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Our Training Approach

Meetings are instrumental for achieving Business Agility and for the seamless delivery of value to clients, aligning closely with the goals and Agile Transformation Strategy of organisations. Workshops, one-on-ones, and meetings must be Agile and effective, whether in face-to-face, remote, or hybrid settings.

Upon engagement with organisations, we frequently encounter complaints about unproductive meetings—unequal participation, lost objectives, and a prevailing sense of wasted time and energy.

We elevate your meetings into collaborative engines of innovation where each participant plays a critical role. With our Leadership Coaching, concrete decisions are formulated, actions executed, and Agile Ways of Working are solidified, leading to the accomplishment of expected outcomes in less time.

Our approach involves subtle yet impactful shifts in mindset and behaviour, coupled with consistently applied Agile Facilitation & Collaboration techniques. Rooted in the powerful Time To Think framework, our Facilitation Training ensures that teams think cohesively, enhancing their Agile Leadership Development.

In an environment where divergent thinking thrives, participants feel secure, valued, and fully engaged, all sharing responsibility for the meeting's outcome. A culture of positivity and focused drive flourishes as teams collaborate for a shared objective.

We provide 'Transforming Meetings' training programmes centred on the Time To Think framework, instilling these effective meeting practices throughout your organisation.

Who stands to gain from this training?

  • Those keen on facilitating agile, creative, and motivating meetings.

  • Innovators fostering Agile Ways of Working.

  • Professionals intent on optimising meeting time.

  • Leaders striving to develop high-performing Agile teams.


What you will receive


Increased effectiveness of workshops, meetings and one-to-ones in less time.


More creativity and generation of different, yet feasible, ideas.


Engaged and motivated onsite and remote workers collaborating as a team.


In-house facilitators able to achieve outcomes.

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Why Choose Us

Our key focus with workshops, meetings and one-to-ones is value. We look to help participants think well for themselves, share their ideas and collaborate with each other. We look to create an environment where teams feel engaged, motivated and united. We have seven years experience of Think To Think facilitation and coaching across different organisations and departments.  

We continually learn new ways to facilitate events with remote workers and continually adapt our approach. We enjoy seeing the positive impact that good facilitation has on the broader culture of organisations.

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