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Meeting Facilitation

With the increase in remote working, many people are spending more time on conference calls for workshops, meetings and one-to-one discussions. Our coaches help leaders and teams increase the effectiveness of these events. Not only are outcomes achieved, they are achieved in less time.
Remote working has added more challenges to making these events satisfying and useful for all. We encourage simple techniques, and changes in behaviour, that lead to participants feeling valued and engaged. Participants think independently, contribute equally and listen to each other. This leads to creativity and generation of different, yet feasible, ideas.


If you need agile in your enterprise, either adopting first time or improving current practices Giles is your ‘go to’ person. 


—  Nick Cox, Head of Transformation at AltHAN

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Our Coaching Approach

A significant amount of time is spent in workshops, meetings and one-to-ones in many organisations. These events are critical to delivering a smooth flow of value to clients and to achieving the goals and strategy of the organisation. With the increase in remote working it is crucial that these events are effective.

On arriving at organisations we often hear that meetings aren’t productive, not everyone contributes equally, the purpose gets lost and people leave with a sense of frustration that time and energy have been wasted. We help transform meetings to places where everyone plays a part and new ideas and solutions flow. As a result of this, concrete decisions are made and actions taken and followed through. This leads to the expected outcomes being accomplished.

We achieve this with small, yet significant, shifts in mindset and behaviour, and with simple, consistently-applied techniques. Meetings become highly productive and enjoyable experiences. Our facilitation and training are based on the powerful Time To Think framework. This is consistently shown to increase the extent to which people think well together. 

Divergent thinking increases as people feel able to participate, in an environment where they are valued, equal and engaged. An environment where all participants have a shared sense of responsibility for the outcome of the meeting. This approach uses time efficiently so that meetings are both quick and productive. A positive culture and motivation flow as people collaborate with a shared purpose.

We offer “Transforming Meetings” training programmes where participants learn and experience facilitation using the Time To Think framework. This leads to this way of working spreading throughout the organisation. The training is beneficial for anyone who chairs or leads meetings of any size, groups who want to improve how they work together and those leading culture change towards positive collaboration and inclusion.


What you will receive


Increased effectiveness of workshops, meetings and one-to-ones in less time.


More creativity and generation of different, yet feasible, ideas.


Engaged and motivated remote workers collaborating as a team.


In-house facilitators able to achieve outcomes.


Why Choose Us

Our key focus with workshops, meetings and one-to-ones is value. We look to help participants think well for themselves, share their ideas and collaborate with each other. We look to create an environment where teams feel engaged, motivated and united. We have five years experience of Think To Think facilitation and coaching across different organisations and departments.  

We continually learn new ways to facilitate events with remote workers and continually adapt our approach. We enjoy seeing the positive impact that good facilitation has on the broader culture of organisations.

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