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Transforming Meetings

Say goodbye to mundane meetings

Transform Your Organisation with The Big Dream Series™

Unlock Your Full Potential with the CLEAR Model® Workshops

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Are you ready to elevate your organisation’s agility and responsiveness? Discover the transformative power of business agility with our exclusive "Big Dream Series™". This five-day workshop series meticulously explores each pillar of the acclaimed CLEAR Model®: Culture, Leadership, Execution, Adaptability, and Responsiveness.

Why Join The Big Dream™ Series?

  • Tailored Transformation: Each session addresses specific challenges that you are experiencing in your organisation and unlocks new opportunities, promoting sustainable growth and a significant competitive advantage.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the insights and strategies of Giles Lindsay, a seasoned technology executive and business agility expert with over 25 years of experience. As the lead facilitator, Giles brings a wealth of knowledge and proven techniques to turn potential into exceptional performance.

  • Comprehensive Enhancement: Each workshop day is dedicated to a fundamental aspect of business agility, leading to your team becoming more cohesive, versatile, and dynamic.

Workshop Highlights

  • Day 1: Cultivating a Thriving Organisational Culture – Build a resilient foundation that nurtures innovation and collaboration.

  • Day 2: Empowering Organisational Leadership – Develop leaders who inspire and propel your digital transformation.

  • Day 3: Mastering Organisational Execution – Optimise your operational processes to enhance effectiveness and outcomes.

  • Day 4: Enhancing Organisational Flexibility – Adapt swiftly and effectively to both market and internal changes.

  • Day 5: Boosting Organisational Responsiveness – React proactively to customer needs and market dynamics to stay ahead.

Explore Our Specialised Health Checks

Alongside our CLEAR Model® Workshops, we also offer specialised health checks to further your agile journey. Dive into our Team Health Check to enhance team dynamics and performance, and explore our Product Maturity Health Check to assess and refine your product's lifecycle. These additional checks provide deeper insights, complementing the foundational CLEAR workshops to give you a comprehensive view of your organisation's agile health.

Team Health Check: Strengthen team cohesion and performance, ensuring your team’s alignment and readiness for agile challenges.

Product Maturity Health Check: Sharpen your competitive edge by fine-tuning product features and market alignment.

These targeted assessments are ideal for organisations seeking a comprehensive view of their agile capabilities and readiness for future growth.

Achieve a Holistic Transformation

Prepare to navigate the complexities of the modern business environment with agility at the core of your operations. The Big Dream Series™ is your gateway to building a sustainable competitive edge powered by the pillars of the CLEAR Model®.

Ready to Transform?

Dive into the "Big Dream Series™" and start your journey toward true business agility. Download the detailed presentation today and see what each day of our workshop can bring to your organisation. Embark on a journey to realise your organisation's big dreams!

Download Our Information Pack

Contact us at Agile Delta Consulting and start your transformation journey today!

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  • Fully interactive workshops

  • Materials: Comprehensive course materials, including slides and practical exercises.

  • Certification: Certificate of completion awarded to all participants.


5 x 1-day intensive workshop

(schedule of days agreed in advance)


In-person or online interactive sessions.


Minimum 1 in-person / 1 online
Maximum 10 in-person / 10 online


£1500 + VAT per workshop
(not per person)

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